Adeus Chisca!

A minha Chisquinha, finalmente, emigrou para a Suiça. Aqui fica a carta que escrevemos, este senhor e eu, para a sua nova família.

Dear Chisca’s Family,

It is with great happiness (and a bit of sadness) that I greet you all, the new Chisca’s family. My name is Margarida, and since July 2007, I’ve been hosting Chisca in my home. I am a 27 year old Portuguese Chemical Engineer working in Madrid.

Chisca is a lovely, lovable cat, very sociable and very easy going. She easily gets attached to people, as do people to her. And, as you might suspect, I was no different. She is great company; she loves to play with her toys and, like any other cat, she loves when people play with her.

But due to her condition, there are some details I think you should know about and keep attention to. Chisca had some fungus on her nose some months ago, so her nose skin is a little too dry. So please keep an eye on her nose. I usually use high quality sunscreen, which provides good moisture and has little grease. I apply it once a day.

Another thing I urge you to pay attention to is her right ear. When her immune system is debilitated, it tends to accumulate large amounts of dirt. So it must be regularly cleaned and watched out for. And, if it looks with an unusual amount of dirt, please consider taking her to a veterinary doctor.

Until recently, she’s has been taking immunity enhancer shots to strengthen her immunity system. Right now, she is just fine and isn’t taking any kind of medication. Regarding her food, she’s still on a kitten diet. Nevertheless, she prefers dry cat food. I’ve been feeding her dry cat food (chicken and fish flavored, her favorites) from Dr. Hill’s and Royal Canin. I don’t know if you can find these brands there, but I usually find them in good pet houses or veterinaries. She should be ready soon for adult cat food.

Being a very sociable and happy cat, Chisca likes, a lot, to interact with people. She sometimes likes to climb up people’s legs, all the way up to their shoulders. So watch out for her nails length. She also likes to watch people bathe or take showers, which is common in cats. But she also likes to drop into the bathtub afterwards. So watch out for wet cold feet.

I took the liberty to send you a CD full of Chisca’s pictures and videos. She is a very happy and photogenic cat. I also take this opportunity to leave you all my contacts, which you will find at the end of this letter. I beg you to send me pictures of her. And please, feel free to contact me if you have any question or doubt about any subject regarding her.

I believe Chisca is moving to a loving family, and I sincerely thank you for that. I hope she lives a long full life, granting you the happiness she has granted me these last few months. I will miss her terribly, so please keep me updated with news and photos (lots of them, please!).

Sincerely yours,
Margarida Constantino

Chisca em Barajas, pronta para o check-in

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