Glass ceiling remains unbreakable by all but a few

The courageous feminist struggles of our foremothers are not to be forgotten. But, in our new, post-industrial world, haven’t most of the critical legal and social battles for women like me been won? Isn’t it self-indulgent to bash on about the need to persist in the struggle for women’s empowerment and gender equality when my ostensible juggling act is to type a memo on my BlackBerry with one hand and operate the microwave with the other?

Para ler completo aqui. Esta gaja inspirou-me.
E estou um bocado farta de trabalhar para os accionistas.

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Jibóia Cega disse...

Eu também, principalmente para aqueles que tomam acçoes de merda :D

Jibóia Cega disse...

Ups, nao sei se este blog permite "picos" na linguagem escrita. Mil perdones ;)